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Frequently asked questions

  • What is personal care?
    For instance if you require assistance getting up in the mornings, bathing, dressing and / or preparing you for bed at night.
  • Who regulates Bramble Home Care?
    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the official body that regulates and inspects organisations that provide care to the public throughout the UK, ensuring that they fully meet the stringent standards of quality and safety as a result of the revised Health and Social Care Act. The link below is to a free downloadable booklet from the CQC website of what you should expect of the regulation of the care you receive in your own home. It advises you about what care you should expect from your provider and what to do if it does not meet these standards. Bramble Home Care would recommend that each potential service User reads this booklet before choosing who they wish to provide their support at home. Link to booklet download :-
  • How do you recruit your staff?
    We usually recruit by advertising in local press, from our website and by word of mouth. All our staff, however they have been employed by us, will not be able to offer care until they have passed all relevant security checks including a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) previously known as CRB and POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults). In addition they will have received all mandatory training and then finally have been supervised and signed off as competent by a senior member of staff. Please click on the ‘Our Staff’ link above for further information on how we train our staff.
  • Do you offer a return from hospital service?
    Yes, this is a service that prepares your home for your return from hospital, we can liaise with the health care professionals to ensure that everything is in place for your return and rehabilitation.
  • How quickly can care begin?
    Usually we can put a care plan and support package in place quickly but everything will depend on your needs and availability of staff in your area. For instance if someone requires more support or if they need specialist equipment it can take a little longer to put in place. We will keep you informed of progress and give you an idea of timescales once your assessment has been made, your support plan agreed and funding set in place (whether that is privately or through social services).
  • I require 24-hour Live-in Care and Companionship, can you help?
    Yes we can. Please contact us for more information as we will be happy to work with you to put a personalised care plan together that best meets your needs.
  • If I do use Bramble Home Care, how do you monitor the service you are giving me?
    Our priority is to deliver a quality service and we will monitor our services in a several ways, all of which form our Quality Assurance Policy -: We constantly review our processes to improve the services we deliver. You are involved in all decisions about your care or support and we will hold a meeting every month to review your Personal Support Plan and to discuss any changes that may be required. This will be a time to discuss the level of satisfaction that you are experiencing with the service. The Manager will make regular telephone calls to you and/or your family/carer. It is our policy that any complaints, including verbal ones are recorded and are included in the overall assessment of our service to you. Comment slips are included in your Personal Support Plan with prepaid envelopes to make communication between Bramble Home Care and you as easy as possible. We will conduct an annual Quality Assurance Survey which will be sent out to all service users, their relatives, health professionals and also suppliers. Once the results are complied this will then be available in the form of a report to all service users and also for the CQC Inspectors.
  • Do I have to pay for an assessment?
    No. Assessments are completely free of charge and without any obligation to use Bramble Home Care.
  • If I cancel my service, will I still be charged?
    Possibly. It will depend on the reason for the cancellation and the notice that you give us as well as what is stated in your contract. While we will make every effort not to charge for care if it isn’t needed, there may be circumstances when a full or partial charge is unavoidable. So for example, when someone is in away on holiday, we simply need the required notice and you will not be charged and if someone no longer requires care, we will usually be fully aware of this as it is stated in their care package. For example, if you require help after returning home from hospital your care package may only be for a month or two, in situations like this our objective is to work with you to enable you to get back to full independence as quickly as possible. Of course there are other situations where care may no longer be required so please just ask if you need more information.
  • What is domiciliary care?
    Otherwise known as ‘home care’, domiciliary care is when carers come to your own home and provide care, support and sometimes advice. It can be on a short-term or long-term basis and is provided by qualified professionals who have assessed your needs.
  • Can I have care on a short term or part-time basis?
    Yes. We are here to provide care on a basis that best suits your needs. Our Manager will come to your home and discuss your needs and this may be because your usual carer is taking a holiday or to give him or her a regular break from care, for example once a week. We are happy to discuss all options so please do give us a call.
  • Do you offer care escorts?
    Yes, we can support you within the community and to enable you to lead a full and active social life. This could involve accompanying you to the shops or hospital; alternatively your support worker may plan social trips and participation in groups or organisations based on your interests and your preferences. They can either simply make arrangements for on your behalf or can accompany you.
  • What types of care does Bramble Home Care offer?
    Services range from assisting with domestic chores, for instance shopping, ironing, preparing meals, to assisting with getting up in the morning, getting washed and dressed and bathing to full-time 24-hour live-in care. We also provide companionship, prompting for medication, manual handling/mobility support and attending social functions/clubs. We are here to help you to maintain your independence within your own home and in a way that suits you. Please see the ‘Our Services’ section on this website for more information and if what you are looking for is not detailed, we offer a flexible service and are happy to discuss your specific requirements so please do not hesitate to contact our manager by filling out the form on the 'Contact Us' page or by emailing our manager at or call her on 01684 217040.
  • Can I contact someone out of usual hours?
    Our office is staffed between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday all year round. Outside of these times, one of our senior members of staff will be ‘on call’ for urgent enquiries, for instance if a carer has been delayed. This number will be provided on answering machine within the office when you call this number 01684 217040.
  • The answer to my question isn't here
    If the answer to your question isn’t here then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are a friendly bunch and more than happy to help. We understand that you may have lots of questions and that it’s important to find a provider that you can work with especially if you are finding care on behalf of a loved one. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • How do I make a complaint?
    In the unlikely event that you should need to make a complaint we have a robust complaints procedure which is designed to make sure that your concerns are heard. We take all issues very seriously and welcome all feedback, good or bad so please do not ever worry about letting us know what you think. In the first instance we recommend that you should speak to your support worker if you are not happy with something. It is our policy that all verbal complaints are recorded even if the complaint has been resolved. However, if you feel that your concerns are not being taken seriously, or if you have concerns regarding your support worker, then you should contact us immediately. You can contact us using the 'contact us' form on this website. Alternatively you can write to us at:- Bramble Home Care Ltd, Unit E, 4 Bamfurlong Industrial Park, Staverton, GL51 6SX Or email:- Our policy is to respond to written complaints within 28 days although we will make every effort to resolve issues as quickly as possible. All our clients are also given a copy of our complaints procedure with their contracts.
  • Can I get funding for my care?
    Will be happy to give you an idea of whether you are likely to qualify for local authority funded care so please do give them a call. Alternatively, you may find the following websites useful :-
  • Are your carers able to administer medicine?
    Yes. Our carers are fully meds trained and are able to both support you in continuing to administer your medication, or to do it for you if this is what you need.
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