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Mental Health Home Care

With more and more people experiencing Mental Health conditions in the UK, Bramble Home Care's Mental Health Home Care service in Gloucestershire has become more important than ever. We take pride in supporting those with physical health conditions, as well as those with mental health issues across our business. Care at home is just as, if not more important when you're living with a mental health condition, and we're proud to provide the support that's so needed in our community.

Mental health professional supporting a service-user

Caring since 2010

Since 2010, Bramble Home Care has been supplying care at home to residents of Gloucestershire for a range of health needs. It's so important to be in a comfortable and safe space when mental health concerns are at play. Care at home offers a complementary service, or in some cases an alternative, to mental health institutions that can aid in recovery and the management of mental health conditions.

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Ensuring the right fit

It's so important to ensure, not only the right environment, but also the best carer when it comes to mental health care at home. Our expert and highly trained team work hard to keep just 2 or 3 members of staff working with a mental health service-user in rotation. This enhances the therapeutic relationship, ensures minimal disruption and help with indentification of mood changes or decline.

Group support for mental health

Support for all

We've supported clients diagnosed with a variety of mental health conditions, allowing them to obtain the right care them in their own home, including: eating disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, addictions, PTSD and many more. We work with anyone who needs support: from those needing day-to-day help, to those detained under the Mental Health Act. Everyone is treated with care and dignity.

Areas our Mental Health Home Care can support:

  • Social support

  • Companionship

  • Emotional support

  • Medication support

  • Respite for loved ones

  • Accompanying to appointments

We also work closely with the NHS, local services and loved ones to offer a flexible service that adapts to changing needs.


All our mental health home care packages are specifically designed to suit the individual, taking into account all areas that might impact their mental wellbeing. Plans can take a structured shape, including goal setting with achievable expectations, minimal restrictive crisis management, as well as ensuring Bramble maintains an active role in liaising with the community, family and hospital MDT meetings. Alternatively, a more flexible and fluid approach can be taken where conditions improve or symptoms are less serious, catering to a range of needs and ensuring adaptability.

Mental health information flyers
“I'd lost hope in mental health monitoring companies, but I don't regret switching to Bramble and should have done it a while ago!”

Getting started


A Quick “Hello”! 

Once you’ve booked your free initial assessment below, one of our trained team members will give you an introductory phone call to confirm the visit you’ve booked and the details you’ve provided.


Friendly Visit & Assessment

At the visit, our team will assess the needs of yourself or your loved one, ask questions, and confirm any medical information needed to create a care plan.


Creation of a Personalised Care Plan

Following the visit, our team will put together the care plan and costs that we feel would best support both the Mental Health service-user and the loved ones who support them. We can also advise of financial aid if it’s available.

Book your free initial Mental Health Home Care visit

If you're ready to take the first step to getting additional support for yourself or a loved one at home, book your free initial home visit now so our expert team can talk you through the process.

First aid training demonstration


All our staff are trained to the highest standards, and we also offer training to other providers and private individuals in First Aid, People Movers' Moving & Handling, Medication Support and PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression).

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