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What is Mental Health Care?

At Bramble Home we appreciate that caring for, or living with a loved one, who has a mental health concerns can be very challenging and difficult. Which is why we are pleased to be able to support clients in the community who struggle to maintain a normal lifestyle due many anxieties that they live with.

We currently support and care for clients that have varying needs such as:


•            History of long-term hospital admissions

•            Eating Disorders

•            Self-Neglect

•            Self-Harm

•            Suicide Risk

•            Paranoid Schizophrenia

•            Bi-Polar with high risk of mania

•            Clients who are on active CTO’s

•            Psychosis

•            Borderline Personality Disorders

•            OCD

•            Drug Misuse

•            Violence towards staff

How can Mental Health care help me or a loved one?

The support that our specially trained team of Mental Health Support workers provide (social, emotional, and medical) is unique to each client, enabling them to lead a normal confident life enjoying activities, whilst also allowing them to continue living in their own home.  Our team of mental health support workers also offers lots of encouragement, emotional support, and companionship to each client but gives them enough space to not feel too overwhelmed.

I need Mental Health care help, what happens next?

Our end goal for each client is to help them live the best life possible, which is why each plan is fully tailored to the individual needs of each client.  Visiting during the day as little or as often as each individual client requires, right the way through to managing appropriate medication and assisting with holistic treatments/therapies.

Please contact us today to arrange your FREE holistic assessment on 01684 217040.

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