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A Day in the Life of a Mental Health Compliance Officer/Assistant Lead

Updated: 3 days ago

At Bramble Home Care, we depend on Matt to handle all of our Mental Health compliance needs. We got the chance to catch up with Matt and find out what his working day is typically like. Here's what Matt had to say...


It’s been a fantastic 8 months with Bramble home care (BHC) and without a doubt, I would not have chosen to be with any other care institution to utilise my psychological analysis, experience, and qualifications that I have accumulated for over decade years.

PMVA training demonstration

Since November 2022 I have seen my role moving from being a Mental Health support worker to now being a mental health compliance officer- coordinator and assistant lead.


My role comes with the highs and lows every day like any other but my focus continues to ensure the best care for every client of BHC out there because for me I treat this as my passion, not my job.


As part of the compliance role, I monitor operational processes and procedures using a compliance management platform under the guidelines of the UK health sector and the care quality commission (CQC).


As a Therapeutic lead, I assist my team to ensure that we provide individualised care to both children & adults, tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each service user, and adapting our methods and activities to ensure they receive the most effective, appropriate care possible.


Using my expertise daily, I help service users to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, improve their mental capacity and overall well-being, this also means that my responsibilities evolve over time.


Mental health worker supporting two other care professionals

In all our sectors under Mental Health care at BHC we thrive to have both reasonable and achievable deadlines and on that, as a team, we always strive to create a supportive, open culture that prioritises the service user's mental healthcare.


Being a Mental Health assistant lead to Carl Woodcock at BHC has widened my career and capabilities and as a result, my day now further involves engagement in MH complex, critical & crisis care management meetings with the NHS and other health organisations, home assessments, service users community re-integration from the hospital and much more.


The one thing I mostly enjoy about this role is that I am naturally an excellent communicator, I can effectively convey information both in writing and verbally to ascertain any service user's needs, I consider myself perceptive and intuitive being able to recognise and respond to physical /non-verbal cues, especially when I need to communicate with service users who may have difficulty expressing themselves, this I simply do by always creating a psychological-friendly, professional relationships with them at all time regardless of their condition.

Mental health support worker in a session

I love what I do at BHC not because of the great culture of looking after its staff but because it’s my nature and I have a passion for working with anyone with mental health challenges regardless of age, gender, background or colour of their skin.


I feel it is always a rewarding role to be able to support and help a fellow human being.


“ People do not care how much you know - until they know how much you care.”


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